Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wine Cork Keychains

So this is the basic wine cork key chain design.
Just an Eye Screw screwed into one end of the cork.
You don't drill first, you just thread it in as you would a wine bottle opener.
Then attach a key ring to the eye.

This shows how you could thread a 2nd eye screw on the other end
to attach another decorative element

this LINK talks about how you can add epoxy
once you've threaded in the eye screw
to make sure it's secure in there

But this is the addition I like the best,
adding washers and a screw to give the whole thing a more finished look:

if you go HERE you'll find a good description of how to do this
and what size washers you'll need

this shows how it looks using colored, non-cork corks
it also show how you can add beads/charms at the the end
but i think this starts to make it look a little too "crafty"
although i do kinda like the look of adding a tassel like the corks below

the next few are all from the Etsy shop Uncorked:

i love the way they look but i don't know how she does the printing on them

I like the 2nd cork with the printing
could be an interesting way to add
Eat Drink & Be Married


Here's another way I saw it done so that it is labeled for the wedding
but can be removed later for everyday use:

Lastly, I think you could also make it more professional looking
by adding a slightly better keychain attachment
I put red dots next to the ones i think would work nicely:


  1. I have loads of corks, I would love to make a few key chains.

  2. We are trying this tonight!! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. I just recently started
    playing with corks, so everything is a learning experience.